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Make your own Dead Rising 3 adventure

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Dead rising 3 own adventure

Remember when people used to read. I mean, like books? Yeah, I know, I’m old school. Well, there was a type of book called “make your own adventure” where you’d turn to different pages depending on actions you chose. Dead Rising 3 has modernized this concept, and it’s pretty cool.

It all starts here:

For those who don’t watch videos, you are invited to the after party and need to find your way there. At the end of the video you are given two choices – do you want to go in swinging or make a clean sweep. Depending on which one you click, you will view a different unlisted YouTube video. At the end of that video, another two options appear. In this way, you can make an interactive trailer/adventure using Dead Rising 3 footage.

You guys know I was seriously amped for Dead Rising 3 after seeing it at rAge. Now, this seems like some cool marketing. Unlike the usual trailers, this is interactive and innovative. I like how they are mixing things up. Now, excuse me while I go find out if I make it to the party in the end.

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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