Man Finds Drugs in Used Game

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EmmDeeEmmA Richard Thornhill purchased two used copies of GTA from Gamestop for his children on Sunday, and got a little more than he was expecting. Upon opening and inspecting one of the games, a little packet fell out containing what is believed to be 4 ecstasy tablets.

He then did exactly what I wouldn’t; He promptly removed the recreational narcotics to the local police station.  While everyone is now safe and happy, Thornhill laments :

"I have two children and my son plays Xbox all the time. He could easily have opened the box and found them. I dread to think what the consequences would have been if he had. He is only 12. He could have died."

Of course he’s equal parts responsible parent and jackass – what the hell are you doing buying GTA for children? That 18 age restriction is there for a reason.

Source : Gamepolitics

Last Updated: April 9, 2009

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