Man Sells ultra-rare Nintendo Cartridge for $17,500 (Hopefully)

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Insanely expensive Gold Cartridge

You may remember a couple of months ago we posted about a man by the name of JJ Hendricks buying a gold painted/plated Nintendo World Championship cartridge for $17,500? Well the cartridge is back on the market and is being sold on eBay once again.

Why would someone spend $17 500 on a cartridge only to sell it 5 months later? Well my initial thoughts were that he was trying to flip it for a profit and that he may be slightly deranged… as this would be the worst economic environment to try and accomplish that in.

However it appears his motives are a lot more heart warming, the cartridge is being sold to raise money for a World Vision food program and to raise awareness of World Hunger.

On to of giving away full sale price to World Vision JJ is also agreeing to match any personal donation up to a combined value of $20 000.

With bidding on the cartridge currently sitting at $13 000 that means that JJ is about to be out of pocket $33 000. That’s some donation.

If you want to bid on the cartridge head on over to its eBay listing, if you want to donate and get JJ Games to match your donation then head on over to and while you are there take a look at the huge amount of retro games available and if you pick one of those up JJ Games will donate 5% of the sale to World Vision.

$33 000 from selling old games, I am seriously in the wrong business.

Last Updated: December 15, 2009

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