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Man sues Sony for being refused to sue

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And who didn’t see this one coming? Remember a little while back the evil lawyers behind Sony decided to add in a clause to their PSN terms and conditions stating that by agreeing to use the PSN you waive the right to sue them, ever, over anything?

And then Microsoft’s lawyers saw that and thought it was an awesome idea so they added a similar clause to their own T’s and C’s?

Well now a Northern Californian man has filed a class action suit against Sony on behalf of all PS3 owners stating that not only is it wrong for the clause to exist in the first place but that Sony also didn’t post an easily accessible version of the new Terms and Conditions online as it had done with all other changes.

And that Sony didn’t make it clear that you could opt out of the no-sue clause by writing into Sony within 30 days.

I personally hope the guy wins as it seems immoral and illegal to add in such clauses but my legal knowledge is limited to how many beers we’re allowed to consume while not driving or working.

Last Updated: December 20, 2011

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