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MANN vs. Machine brings co-op and long awaited robots to TF2

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After two years of speculation, top secret doors and insinuation of big things to come Valve has finally announced the MANN vs. Machine addition to Team Fortress 2.

Die hard Team Fortress 2 fans have been watching Valve closer than a creepy optometrist to your face, inspecting every small hint at the update, sleuthing around the net for any indication of what it will be. It seems that all their suspicions were true. This video as well as this Reddit link compiles everything fans have been gathering regarding MANN vs. Machine.

Today valve officially announced the new content introducing co-op mode where five friends play a survival type mode against waves of robots. The robots or Gray Horde was built by Gray Mann, thought to have been absconded at birth by his father and is the third brother of the Mann family. The Gray Horde comes with only one purpose: to destroy everything Mann Co.


Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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