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Mann vs. Machine update brings more loot, tours and more

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Team Fortress 2, the “king of updates game” get’s another update! Adding to the most recent BEEEG update Mann vs. Machine players will get more tours, more loot and improved matchmaking.

A warped tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears explains jus what’s going to improve.

New tours

After a mixed response to the Tour of Duty issued with the MvM update, two new tours are being added: Operation Oil Spill (difficulty: medium) and Operation gear Grinder (difficulty: very hard).

New loot

Tour specific loot is being added. Rusty blood-covered ‘bot heads for the intermediate-level Operation Oil Spill and some 24-carat diamond ‘bot heads for the expert-level Operation Gear Grinder.

Improved matchmaking

Players can now select multiple missions they’d like to play to maximize the chances of finding compatible players as fast as possible. Buttons have been added that will allow players to select all missions of a particular difficulty level, or all missions not yet marked off on a Tour of Duty.

Teams will also not be disbanded immediately after tours anymore; they may return to the lobby as a group and keep on playing together.

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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