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I have always thought Mark Rein from Epic was a decent stand up guy, he’s always happy enough to interact with the community and generally has appeared to be honest in these interactions.

However he has taken honesty to a new level in a recent interview with OXM. OXM are on a mission at the moment and are asking 50 key individuals what their favourite Xbox moment has been so far… Mark’s answer

“Getting the first royalty cheque for Gears of War”

He goes on to state that he doesn’t expect anyone else to be so honest with their answers before changing his.

His official best moment of Xbox 360 life so far is

“Wait, no, my favourite moment was the first cheque from Gears 2. Because it was bigger.”

I strongly believe that these guys should be earning gazillions for the work they do so I have no issue with this sort of response, however I bet some people do.

Source: OXM

Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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