Marvel Ultimate Alliance Launch Trailer

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Maybe it’s simply the fact that this is happening now and my short and long term memory is faulty but the production quality of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 appears to be far superior to the original.

Even though I didn’t really enjoy the first game I am getting excited about this one.

According to the launch trailer these super heroes and evil doers didn’t realise the damage they were causing in their battle and I suppose we are going to try and put that right in the sequel, though I don’t think an indepth story is really what we are being offered here.

The game looks like it could be a lot of fun and all we need to do now is choose which side we are going to be on. Well I have watched my fair share of action movies so I know I want to be on Wolverines side as he always kicks ass.

I just hope the lady with the assets (up there) is on the same side… anyone care to enlighten me as to who that is?

Last Updated: September 15, 2009

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Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Darthpenguin

    Its storm.. Gosh…

  • I could be mistaken, there being no visible “X”, but isn’t that Storm??

  • Faheem

    yeah looks like storm, phoenix and wolvie from the x-men are definitely in.

  • That’s not how I remember Storm but I’ll take her :).. er… you know what I mean

  • It’s Storm after she went for some “correct surgery”

  • spl0it


  • She can make em sway in the wind… on command. Now thats a superpower.

  • Flamebaitboy

    I already know my team and it doesn’t include Storm at all.

  • No in depth story? 😛

    It’s based on the political allegory of the Marvel Civil Wars and the resultant feud between Tony Stark and Captain America over the superhuman registration act.

    Also, comics are for nerds.

  • Flamebaitboy

    No it’s for cool people. And Tony Stark is way better than Steve Rogers.

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