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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite will be “technically easier to pick up and play”

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If I’ve ever claimed to be an expert at Marvel VS Capcom 3, then I was lying. Lying right out of my massive food-hole because I seriously still have no idea how to actually play that game properly. The only tactic I have in my bag is that the more I mash buttons the flashier the screen gets and I must be doing something right dammit.

Marvel VS Capcom Infinite wants to not be that kind of game however. It wants to be more accessible, an inviting experience for newcomers who get turned off by the idea of “meter burns” and “zone control”. “Fighting as a genre is an interesting one,” Capcom Europe COO Stuart Turner said to GI.Biz.

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Marvel vs Capcom fits into this as a great introduction to the genre as a whole

It’s an area that we as a company excel in, but it’s always one that we need to take more of a lead on for the success and health of the whole genre.

The history of the genre means that its fanbase skews slightly older than other types of games. So the challenge for us, and any other publisher, is always to bring new people into fighting games. It’s why we’ve done things with Namco in the past – as long as the genre remains healthy, that’s the most important thing regardless of whether people are playing Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Injustice or one of the other titles.

The added exposure that eSports now brings will hopefully see growth for the fighting genre over the coming years. Fighting games as a spectator event has huge potential, the games are short, it’s simple to grasp, the competitors are highly skilled personalities and tournament upsets aren’t unusual. It’s why we’ve had broadcasters picking up tournaments both for traditional TV transmission and online streaming across the globe.

Marvel vs Capcom fits into this as a great introduction to the genre as a whole, far more simplistic and technically easier to pick up and play, and obviously having some of the best known characters on the planet from the Marvel Universe has huge appeal especially to that younger new audience we’re keen to bring in.

I’m a big believer in having more hands on controllers when it comes to games. Drawing up imaginary lines between real fighting game fans and newcomers doesn’t benefit anyone. It just puts the genre at risk of becoming obsolete again like it was for most of the 2000s, before Street Fighter IV revived sales. While some veteran players may scoff at the idea of Marvel VS Capcom Infinite being easier to jump into (SCOFF TO THE MAX!), at least they’ll be a minority with a game that is hopefully a gateway to the fine arts of digital fisticuffs.

It’s time to start grooming a new generation for the future.

Last Updated: March 17, 2017

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