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Marvel’s Avengers – Crystal Dynamics knew that they’d have a “challenge” winning fans over with their heroes

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On a scale of impossible things to do, designing a team of Avengers and pleasing everyone pretty much ranks high up on the charts. Probably between understanding Death Stranding and getting Star Wars fans to not be absolute cocks just because Luke Skywalker didn’t show up on Crait and start squishing First Order AT-ATs as if they were ripe pimples.

Crystal Dynamics were tasked with making a new Avengers game and in a world that has had over a decade of costumes blow up on the big screen, nailing the right look was a job that was bound to have a few detractors. Speaking to Games Radar, Marvel’s Avengers’ creative director Shaun Escayg explained how he knew the team would be in for a fight with their first batch of character models who didn’t exactly endear themselves with the fans of Earth’s mightiest mortals. “I mean, we knew we had that challenge,” Escayg said.

We’re going up against a 10 year history of movies. And you know, people forget really quickly, but when the first movie came out, they had the same problem. People were upset with the way these heroes looked. So we knew going in that we would always have that struggle. The focus for us was more on our original storyline, and how do we make sure that we stay true to that DNA of the characters in the comics and bring this story to life.

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That’s not to say that your favourite heroes can’t be given a fresh lick of paint with the gear system within the Avengers game, which should help someone like Captain America look more like an actual supersoldier than a lumpy sack of the most patriotic potatoes you’ve ever seen. It’s also not the first time that Marvel fans didn’t like the design of one of their heroes, as Insomniac’s take on Spider-Man also had plenty of debates raging online between people who adored the hip redesign of the amazing webhead and other folks who despised the “SHOOT HERE” massive white spider chest motif.

Maybe these Avenger designs will grow on people, maybe they won’t, but with six months to go until Avengers releases in June it should be fascinating to see what changes along the way.

Last Updated: November 25, 2019

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