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Marvel’s Spider-Man could have completely overhauled web-swinging, classic villains and a new twist on Venom

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There’s one bug that doesn’t make instantly recoil in horror and reach for the nearest spray can of repellent, and that fella’s name happens to be Spider-Man. Also shut up, I’m well aware that he’s an arachnid but you’re not going to ruin this line for me today. Anyway, Spider-Man had a terrific 2018 when Insomniac stepped into his web and developed the best game to ever star the wallcrawler, creating an experience that was as good to play as it was to watch unfold.

There was story and heart within Marvel’s Spider-Man, a joyous celebration of motion and action that all gelled together to create something special at the time. Insomniac’s currently hard at work on a sequel, and if you’re in the mood for some early morning rumour-slinging then here’s a few good ones!

According to one insider (cheers VG247), Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Electro Boogaloo is going to be one hell of a showcase on the PS5. Speaking gameplay evolution, the salt-pinching leak claims that web-swinging has been completely overhauled and will feature plenty of new animations to create more variety in Spider-Man’s signature mode of traversal.

There’ll apparently be three web-swinging modes to choose from: Realistic, arcade and a hybrid combination. The realistic option harkens back to when Spider-Man 2 applied a few extra physics to gameplay back in its day. The arcade option adds a little extra assistance and the Hybrid mode is basically the PS4 version in essence.

Players will also be able to make use of a new Web-Chain ability to link web-zip points together to create for some quick movement when you’re in the air. As for story? Spider-Man 2 allegedly takes place several months after the first game, as winter has arrived Peter still finds himself mourning the loss of Aunt May. Mary-Jane won’t be around for the first act, but Miles Morales will be and he’ll be playing a bigger part in the story now that he has powers of his own.

Imagine Arkham Knight’s ability to switch between characters during certain fights and you’ll have an idea of how the game will make use of him. After the defeat of Doc Ock, Spider-Man will need to deal with Norman Osborn, whose attempt to make super-soldiers have resulted in new villains being spawn, while classic Spidey foes such as Mysterio, Venom and Carnage will make their debut. The only twist here, for anyone who saw that secret ending from Marvel’s Spider-Man, is that Harry Osborn will be cloaked inside the oily gunk that is the Venom symbiote.

Original comic book Venom host Eddie Brock is present and will have a major part to play, so odds are that he’ll probably come into contact with the symbiote eventually. And that’s the rumor-wrap! There’s some plausible stuff there, there’s some more farfetched content but overall I can certainly dig it. It’ll probably be at least two more years before Spider-Man 2 sees the light of day on PlayStation 5, but odds are that a sequel to the most successful superhero video game in history is probably going to be a banger on launch day.

Last Updated: March 20, 2020

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