Mass Effect 3 Kinect voice-control cheat sheet

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Those core gamers witch Kinect units perched above (or below!) your TVs are likely terribly excited for Mass Effect 3 – as it’s probably the first real gamer’s game to utilise the technology. With Kinect, you can command your squad using nothing but the magical power of your voice – making them change weapons, tactics, employ biotic powers and all sorts of other really neat stuff that’s generally easier to use a controller for.

You’ll also be able to speak your in-game dialogue options, adding to the immersion, and making you look like a crazy person.

It might well be a gimmick, but it’s a heck of a fun one – and my neighbours keep  wondering just what the dickens is going on when I command Liara to touch my shotgun. To help you prep, EA’s released a Kinect voice-command cheat-sheet listing all the commands you’ll be able to shout at your TV when you’re taking Earth back from the Reapers.

[Warning: There might be a very slight spoiler in the commands]


The uh..list of squad members seems a little short, doesn’t it? Where the hell is Wrex?

Last Updated: February 20, 2012

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