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Mass Effect 3 players are demanding a different ending

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No spoilers in the article, watch out for the comments though as we don’t have control over that

So apparently Mass Effect 3 is being loved by the critics with our own review hopefully arriving in the next day or two. But critics have gotten it wrong before and over the weekend a huge groundswell of public opinion has picked up.

The reason for this online fan hatred is apparently the ending of Mass Effect 3, which apparently simply sucks.

Currently there is a poll/petition running on the Bioware forums asking for a better ending or to at least alter the ending.

Right now 616 people think it’s okay, 2215 people want it to be slightly altered and a massive 21949 people want the entire thing redone.

It’s pretty depressing that one of the top titles of the year appears to have stumbled right at the end. Endings are notoriously difficult though so hopefully the fans forgive the Mass Effect team and remember the series for the hours of enjoyment it brought them.

Last Updated: March 12, 2012

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