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Mass Effect Trilogy incoming

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BioWare has unveiled the Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation, now you can get all three games in one package! And when can you have this? NEVER! Muahahahaaa. Okay, just kidding.

This set will launch on Xbox 360 and PC on 6 November, the PS3 release date has not yet been confirmed. The Mass effect Trilogy will cost you a reasonable price of about R493. This is also the first time ever that the original Mass Effect will be released to the PS3 platform – which is nicer than playing a short interactive comic, no?

The very next day, 7 November will be known as N7 day, a world wide celebration of the franchise, featuring a variety of Mass Effect related stuff! Like in-game, online and live events. This is the first year that it’ll happen so don’t feel confused that you didn’t know about it, I mean, I did, but I don’t anymore. I was like: N7 day whaaa—

Anyway, so what do you guys think? Would you buy the complete set to maybe replay the trilogy or even just for collector’s purposes?

Last Updated: September 27, 2012

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