Mass : We Pray – Bringing the Catholic Church Experience to Your Living Room

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We recently told you that The Bible was coming to your Xbox 360 – Now you can have the whole church experience, all from the comfort of your very own living room.

"A family shouldn’t have to wait until Sunday to worship the Lord. Now you can go to church every day without leaving your home,” promises Mass : We Pray, the website for the videogame of the same name. The game features a wireless motion-detecting Crucifix controller (with included rosary beads!), as well as a "Kneeler accessory," a pressure-sensitive accessory that allows gamers to kneel or genuflect just as they would in Church.

The game allows you to “participate in more than 24 unique and exhilarating Ceremonies” including Lighting Prayer Candles, making the sign of the Cross, sprinkling Holy Water, taking Collection and even giving Holy Communion. There’s even planned DLC: The Seven Sacraments and Holy Rituals Expansion Pack featuring: Ash Wednesday, Confession, Holy Procession, Transubstantiation and much, much more.

This is presumably all an elaborate hoax, and possibly some sort of viral marketing for Dante’s Inferno, a game whose marketing team have regularly displayed they’re not above blasphemy and controversy.

If it’s not a hoax, I just wonder when the Catholic priest edition, complete with blow up altar boy accessory will be available.

Mass : We Pray is expected around Easter of 2010. That is unless we’ve all been taken up in the rapture by then.

Bow down in servitude, over at Mass : We Pray

[Thanks to Veinburn for the tip]

Last Updated: November 19, 2009

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