Massive fall in traffic to leading gaming sites

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imageWell here is an interesting if not entirely exciting story… has stumbled across an interesting trend at the moment. Using the Alexa charts they have been able to track a serious fall in traffic to all the major gaming sites out there.

Gamepro -25%
VGChartz -30%
GameRankings -46%
Gamasutra -35%
Joystiq -43%
Destructoid -36%
Kotaku -49%

So what’s behind this huge fall? Well is guessing that gamers are leaving the larger sites to look for a more personal and romantic encounter with smaller sites.

However if it’s attitude and personality that people are looking for then you can’t really go wrong with Destructoid or Kotaku and Joystiq fill the gap for professional sites so I don’t think it can be any of those reasons.

Honestly I think people are now just wary of the bigger sites and the sway that the advertisers have over them. That Gamespot ordeal wouldn’t have only hurt Gamespot (down 29%), our confidence was knocked and now we spread our browsing out a bit more so that the big gaming developers have to bribe multiple sites and not just the one.


Last Updated: October 6, 2008

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