Massive Metro Redux trials come to PS4

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You know those irritating people who always say how they ready the comic/book the movie or game you love is based on? I’m one of those people – I loved the Metro books, even though I never got around to playing the games. I wasn’t quite sure I’d like them, but now is the perfect opportunity to find out. These aren’t just demos – they’re a third of each game.

The two demos trials are available for PS4 and let players experience Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux. These remasters let you explore post-apocalyptic underground Moscow in 1080p at 60fps. But it’s this explanation for the demo that gives me renewed hope for the gaming industry:

The Metro games are atmospheric slow burners, so a short demo doesn’t really do them justice… But we cast our minds back to the shareware days of the 1990s, and remembered that when Doom was first released you got the entire first third for free, and only paid if you wanted to play more.

We applied this idea to Metro – and so each trial contains nine whole chapters representing several hours of gameplay. If you reach the end of the trial and want to continue, you can unlock the full version and play on without interruption – you keep your game save!

Completionists beware, if you’re hoping to play the demo and then buy the full game and continue playing while still collecting all the trophies, you may have to do some replaying of specific chapters. Still, to offer the first third of both games totally free? If by that point you aren’t convinced, you will know for sure that the game isn’t for you and can save yourself some funds. If, however, you enjoy that first third, you can buy your game with ease knowing that you’ll continue to enjoy yourself. This is how you convince gamers. It takes a lot of faith in your product to offer this kind of deal, and I know that I’ll be taking advantage of it as soon as I get home.

Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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