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Regenerating health in Max Payne 3? Rockstar says no

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With a third title set in the gritty world of a detective with a fondness for monologues, it looks like gamers are going to once again experience that unique gameplay system that made the first two games so successful.

Popping painkillers and slow-mo diving out from corners while peppering enemies with dual pistol rounds was always satisfying, but it’ll be interesting to see what exactly Rockstar games has planned, considering all the various leaps and bounds games have made over the last couple of years in terms of such action-orientated gameplay, and incorporating them into the title.

Or maybe not it seems, as Max Payne 3 looks set to be firmly entrenched in its classic gameplay mechanics.

Speaking to Gamespot, Rockstar developers explained how an idea such as regenerative health would be absent, forcing players to rely on painkillers instead, while a new cover system would be implemented into the third title.

We also wanted to encourage players to be strategic in their approach to combat spaces and not to rely on cover as simply a point to sit and regenerate health”, Rockstar VP of production Jeronimo Barrera said.

“Max Payne is about the beauty of the gunplay itself, in knowing when to launch yourself into an area, finding the right lines of attack, and perfecting bullet time kills. Regenerating health would have an impact on the game’s natural rhythm”.

Its not all painkillers and guns however, as Jeronimo revealed that Max will also have access to some new melee options when enemies get a little too close to him. “Max has access to new melee moves in Max Payne 3 which allow you to take down enemies in close quarters, and these are all contextual depending on the weapon you’re wielding at the time and your relationship to the enemy”.

“Max will kick lower enemies, head-butt an enemy if you don’t have a weapon, or disarm opponents if you’re out of ammo. Max will also make creative use of the butts of weapons to pistol-whip enemies in close for a coup de grace”.

So far, Max Payne 3 is looking like a visual hurricane of classic ideas that will appeal to long-time fans, while looking impressive enough to lure newcomers to the franchise. One of the more challenging franchises ever produced, Max Payne 3 looks set to reintroduce the original video game bullet-time gunplay when it launches next year.

Last Updated: November 15, 2011

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