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Max Payne 3’s getting a Rockstar Pass – 7 map packs already planned

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In just two weeks, we’ll be playing Max Payne 3. Despite my reservations about the developer (Rockstar Vancouver), it looks, and by all accounts is going to be a pretty incredible experience. I’m certainly pretty damned excited for the single player campaign, but I’m also rather intrigued to tackle the multiplayer – which uses magic to somehow integrate Max Payne’s iconic temporal-slowing bullet-time mechanics in to the multiplayer game.

If you’re keen on the multiplayer, and also also like being charged $90 for a “complete” game, you’ll be happy to know that the game will be getting a ton of post-release support, in the form of 7 multiplayer map packs that’ll cost you 2400 Ms Points or $29.99 to pre-order.

That’ll end up being a 35% saving over buying all the map packs – which would otherwise cost in the region of $45 – meaning the game, with all of its planned map packs would set the average person back $105. The first map pack, called "Local Justice." will be out in June, and will include three maps that can be played through the game’s various multiplayer modes Additionally, it include avatar items, multiplayer challenges, and more.

On the one hand, extra content is always cool – but the way companies are now planning and structuring DLC in this manner just seems like a cash grab to me, not too far removed from the sort of nonsense Capcom keeps pulling off – and is indicative of the videogame industry just heading down the wrong path with DLC. The other issue I have with this sort of DLC is it essentially splits the multiplayer user base in half; you’ll have those willing to spend money on extra maps and those who wont – leading to fragmented lobbies. With Max Payne primarily being a single player game, I’d rather spend my money on worthy single player DLC that’s more expansion pack than unnecessary extra fluff. I happily bought the Rockstar Pass for L.A Noire – but this just seems like a rip.

Gavin , for the most part, doesn’t agree with me. Here’s what he has to say about the DLC when I was bitching about it.

I have to disagree with Geoff here as I fail to see a problem with a company planning a future for its product.

I highly doubt that anyone would be happy with paying an extra R200 for all the map packs to be included from the start or the inevitable delay when map 12 doesn’t balance properly and now we have to redo the entire thing or throw it out the window at the last minute.

It’s also nice to know that your multiplayer experience isn’t going to go stale in the next 3 months as there will be a constant stream of new content to liven things up. If I could only buy one game for the next 6 months I’d much rather go for something I know is going to be heavily supported moving forward instead of going for one that isn’t ever going to change.

Is 2400 too much just for some extra multiplayer maps? Possibly, but at the same time you aren’t being forced into it and if you prefer you can buy them separately and then pick and choose exactly which ones appeal to you.

I personally won’t be buying the map packs – but simply because Max Payne 3 is a single player experience for me and while the multiplayer might be fun I’m in no rush to throw more money at yet another multiplayer experience. Now 2400 for some more single player episodic content, now that’s something I could be happy spending money on.

What do you think? Is this cool extra value, giving the game longer legs – or just a way for publishers to make even more money?

Last Updated: May 2, 2012

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