Maximum rumours hint towards a Crysis sequel

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Dear John Rambo

One of the finest games that I picked up last year had to be Crysis 2. A FPS title with Crytek technology running underneath its hood, the entire game was an impressive amalgamation of visuals, ideas and storytelling.

And of course, it sold pretty damn well, so a sequel would be inevitable. But did anyone expect news of a sequel to reach us this quickly?

After CVG did a March story in their magazine, that teased a “spectacular” new game from Crytek that was on the way, speculation began on what it could be exactly. Fast forward into April, and Swedish gaming magazine Game Reactor publishes a teaser image in their pages, that had some very familiar hexagonal webbing from a certain power-suit in it.

Crytek general manager of games, when prodded, described the upcoming game as “the best kind of project that we’ve ever done”. Further batmanning from the Neogaf forums revealed a listing from EA, publisher of the Crysis games, for an EA Origin listing of the game, which included a Ramboesque cover art for the title.


As for more confirmation, EA told the Verge to keep their eyes peeled for more information on April 16, as “the best kept secret in shooters just can’t be contained”. Sounds like EA is playing the announception game, but if there truly is a Crysis 3 on the way, then consider me to be maximum excited.

Although I do feel kind of sorry for the PC fans who are going to have to retool their rigs yet again for what can only be a possible behemoth of a visual experience.

Last Updated: April 12, 2012

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