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Mech Warrior 4 Now Available For Free

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Remember the awesome-sauce that was Mech Warrior 4? Well, I’ve never actually played it, so I don’t but I am sure a lot of you do.

Great news for fans of the series, or just gamers who want a free game. The go ahead was given for Mech Warrior 4 to be made available for precisely bugger all. You can head over to the link below and grab the 1.7GB installation file with no strings attached.

Just a note before I tell you where to get it though. Since the announcement the servers have been completely overloaded by people trying to download the game, so the link may not work for a while (it isn’t at the time of writing). Keep checking back so that you can get your hands on the free game as soon as the load becomes lighter.

Word has it that MekTek have also got the multiplayer servers running as well. Awesome.

You can grab Mechwarrior 4 for free here (MekTek).

Last Updated: May 3, 2010

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