Medal of Honor featuring the new Linkin Park single

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Call of Duty Black Ops has Eminem and so in an effort not to be completely outdone Medal of Honor has signed up Linkin Park to be the voice of their title.

Personally I think Eminem is far and away the better musician but I guess that really comes down to personal taste and I would never go as far as to say Linkin Park is bad… or that I know much about music.

You can check out their new single, The Catalyst, in the video below which doubles perfectly as a trailer for the upcoming Medal of Honor.

I may find Eminem to be a better musician but I am possible more excited about the new Medal of Honor compared to the new Call Of Duty… I just found the pacing to be more to my liking or it could be that I have had hands on time with MoH and only hands off time with Black Ops.

Last Updated: August 5, 2010

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