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Medal of Honor is coming back.. yeah I’m not excited either

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Medal of Honor has been EA’s attempt to wrestle the FPS market from Call of Duty since the beginning of time.

The series is good and the sales have been pretty solid but it’s blatantly obvious which franchise won in the end and I was hoping that would be the last we saw of MoH simply because I don’t believe in flogging a dead horse.. unless it’s mandatory installs.

But unfortunately even though Battlefield 3 has secured itself a cult following of COD haters it doesn’t seem to be enough for EA and they are once again bringing back the Honor with or without you.

Absolutely nothing is known about the title yet and the only reason we know something is coming is because Kotaku has posted up their invite to a secret press screening with the none to subtle MOH logo on it.


What are the chances of Vince Zampella and Jason West being part of this? Does that make it more exciting?

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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