Media Blames Another Senseless Killing on Videogames

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17 year-old James Callaghan, a person with a history of undiagnosed schizophrenia and known to be violent under the influence of alcohol has, in what is a particularly senseless tragedy, killed a 65-year old woman with an axe.

Callaghan, after dispensing with a bottle of vodka and arming himself with point instruments of death,  forced his way in to Irene Roberts’ – the aforementioned senior citizen -  home where he struck her 6 times in the head, chopped off one of her fingers and repeatedly stabber her.

It’s terrible, and should never have happened. Something else that shouldn’t have happened is the way the media tenuously made videogames the scapegoat.

Callaghan, you see, had lost a few games of Fifa to his brother before his bloody rampage. Not only that, but he had also reportedly played GTA, a title known for its wonton violence; two contributing factors that OBVIOUSLY directly resulted in Mrs Roberts’ unfortunate murder.

It couldn’t possibly have been his latent psychological issues – which manifested as early as age 6, where he threatened his own mother with a kitchen knife – or his excessive consumption of alcohol that triggered his homicidal outing. No, it must be the videogames.

Now that’s journalism!

Source : Daily Mail

Last Updated: October 28, 2009

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