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Meet Bethesda’s new game: Dishonored

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What’s that? You’re tired of umpteenth sequel number 6 and want something new to play? Well good news for you then Mr. jaded gamer, as Bethesda is busy working on a brand new IP by the name of Dishonored.

Playing as a hybrid stealth and action game, you are Corvo, bodyguard to her majesty the Empress. After a coup by the Lord Regent results in her murder, Corvo is falsely accused and imprisoned, and predictably escapes so that he can get his bloody revenge. With some supernatural skills at his disposal, and a natural inclination towards anything that takes bullets or has a sharp edge, Corvo is a one man army with legendary skills.

There are some interesting gameplay mechanics behind this future title, something that is further bolstered by the names attached to the project. We’ve got Arkane Studios founder Raf Colantonio, who you may remember for being behind such great games as Dark Messiah and Arx Fatalis, alongside fellow conspirator Harvey Smith who was lead designer on Deus Ex. Together, the two are planning on creating a game that tasks players in finding creative methods with which to carry out assassinations. Viktor Antonov, one of the designers from Half Life 2 is also in on the game.

There will be areas where some flexing of the grey matter is crucial, as you have to utilise all your skills in order to overcome them. Factors such as your environment, your current skills and enemy AI will all be involved, and one example of a puzzle will be causing a swarm of rats to attack guards while you possess one of the rodents and escape in the confusion.

In addition, the world will reflect just how violent your actions are, changing its storyline to accomadate either your bloody missions or minimum collateral damage issues. Bad decisions wont punish a player, but it will alter events in ways that may not suit you.

There’s a lot of interesting ideas being thrown behind this game, and with the talent involved, it looks like we may just have a unique FPS experience to wet our bored appetites. Dishonored is due out next year for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Gameinformer.com

Last Updated: July 12, 2011

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