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Meet the Lawbringer, Nobushi and Valkyrie classes in For Honor

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Chances are, if you’ve ever had a passionate discussion of which feudal civilisation had the best warriors, you were probably drunk and half an hour later you were busy explaining to the nurse at your local ER just how you managed to get a wooden sword wedged into a bucket helmet that had had plastic slits cut out of it so that you could see through it.

What, just me? Alternatively, there was Deadliest Warrior, a TV show which was as stupidly skewed with its results as a Zimbabwean election. But it’s still a legitimate question. Who had the deadliest warriors? I’m still waiting for Eli Roth to direct a remake of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure to get to the bottom of that, but at least For Honor should hopefully settle the debate when it launches next month and throws Vikings, Knights and Samurais at the player in a brouhaha of note.

It’s got a ton of classes so far split over three factions, with today’s latest trio of trailers from IGN bumping up the class attendance to 12. Check ‘em out below:

If you can’t watch the videos above, fear not! It’s just a quick detailer of the classes who’ll be wielding a more versatile assortment of weapons in battle. The Lawbringer gets a polearm, the Nobushi uses a naginata spear and the Valkyrie takes to the battlefield with a spear and shield. The Lawbringer is obviously the heavier of the three with the massive amounts of armour bolted onto him, the Nobushi values speed over raw power and the Valkyrie sits somewhere in the middle of the opposing factions.

Cripes, For Honor is starting to sound like the Highlander game that I’ve been waiting ages for already. It’s out on Valentines Day, because nothing says romance better than having your significant other introduce your digital skull to the sharp end of an axe. Alternatively, you can jump into a closed beta near the end of January.


Last Updated: January 18, 2017

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