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Meet the Akrid: Dongo, Wardeye and Tangaant

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Here you all have it, the final installment of our Lost Planet 3 series on the Akrid. Thank you all for the reception worthy of this ice age. At least today none of the Akrid look like lady parts with teeth.


Dongo are medium-sized Akrid that look vaguely like lobsters. Covered in thick armor, they have six legs and they use to dig through ice and snow. They also have the ability to curl up and roll at high speeds. 



Wardeye seem to have a single eye in the middle of their foreheads. These medium-sized Akrids come in male (blue) and female (red) variants. The females tend to attack their targets with long range attacks, while the males prefer close range strikes.



Tangaant are a large, scorpion-like Akrid that are highly protective of their habitat. As a result, they will attack anything that enters their territory, regardless of size. Often reffered to as “the Spitter”, a Tangaant can shoot adhesive/corrosive liquid from its tail.

Last Updated: August 29, 2013

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