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Meet the Akrid: Sepia and Enbee

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Lost Planet 3 may take place on the same planet of E.D.N. III as the first two games, but that planet is going through its Ice Age at the time of Lost Planet 3.  This means a variety of old and new Akrid are ready to attack you in this prequel.


No, this isn’t a trashy Instagram filter! Sepias are small, swarming Akrid with large, three-jawed mouths. They attack by opening their jaws and charging at their opponent. When alone, they will avoid danger rather than attack, which is why they tend to group together and attack in swarms. As tripods with sharp legs, they are capable of climbing vertical walls and even walking on ceilings. Check out these beautiful bad boys!


Enbees are the primitive version of the Lost Planet series’ Raibee. The Enbee is a wasp-like Akrid that is capable of flapping its wings at high speed to gain great speed for ambushing from above. As if I didn’t already have a big enough fear of Apoidea, this game seems intent on providing more fuel for my phobias:

So, prepare yourself for buzzing, swarming Akrid in the freezing world of Lost Planet 3. Now excuse me while I go hide under my desk for the rest of the day!

Last Updated: August 26, 2013

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