Meet the characters of Shadow of Mordor

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Shadow of Mordor was my biggest surprise of E3, and hopefully I’ve convinced you why it’s going to be a top RPG of the year. The latest trailer explains the polarity within the protagonist, and what your character will go through over the course of the game.

Here is the latest behind the scenes video featuring Troy Baker and Alastair Duncan:

For those who don’t watch videos, they explain that despite sharing a body and a journey, Talion and Celebrimbor don’t always like each other. They need each other, and eventually find their commonalities, but they are still two distinct characters – for narrative and gameplay purposes. This is integrated into the full gameplay experience and allows players to learn more about the characters as they progress. Considering that both characters have lost some of their own memories, the journey of discovery is a shared one.

I really like the talent that they’ve brought on board for the game. Troy Baker is already a critically acclaimed voice-over actor, and Alastair Duncan also has some impressive credits to his name. Seeing them together in the video you can see their chemistry on screen and I’m very intrigued about how this will play out in the game itself.

Have I convinced you that this will be an awesome RPG? I’m certainly keen to get my hands on it – beyond holding me over until Dragon Age: Inquisition, I think it will be an excellent game in its own right.

Last Updated: August 11, 2014

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