Unless my maths is as bad as I thought it was, I’ve only seen six out the eight villains promised in Arkham Origins. Joker, Bane, Deadshot,Copperhead, Lady Shiva and Deathstroke are all on that list. Well now, it’s time to add in the Electrocutioner.

Over at the New York Comic Con, the sixth member of the the eight assassins trying to cash in on the $50 million bounty on the head of the Batman was revealed. Now normally, the Electrocutioner is a bigger joke in comic book circles than the Joker’s boner, but I’m digging the design vibe on this Arkham version of the character.

If there was one complaint that I had with Arkham City, it’s that the boss fights weren’t varied enough. So far, I’ve got some eager anticipation that Arkham Origins may in fact be getting that overlooked aspect of the game right this time.

Last Updated: October 14, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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