Meet the headhunter of The Witcher 2

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Last year, Geoff reviewed the PC version of The Witcher 2, and by all accounts, it was a damn good game. More than just a great RPG title, it was one of the best PC games released in 2011, period.

Of course, it was also a game that I myself could not play, due to the fact that my PC runs on coal and the tears of orphans, giving me a grand processing speed that allows me to play a smooth game of solitaire when the stars are correctly aligned.

Fortunately, a console version hits Xboxes in April, bringing with it a slew of tweaks,enhancements and expansions. Developer CDP has been hard at work finishing off the game, as well as shifting their marketing into overdrive, with the latest trailer for The Witcher 2 setting up the main protagonist, a sword for hire that has a certain fondness for regal decapitations.

The Witcher 2 arrives on April 17, in vanilla,enhanced and darkened editions.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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