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Twas the night before the fight of the century when a cold front decided to hug South Africa. When Saturday rolled around, it was colder than a hug from Sub-Zero, but hey, that didn’t stop the top 16 Mortal Kombatants from all over South Africa gathering to see who could punch harder than the other. There was a lot on the line: R15 000, a neat PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Console (I had to fight REALLY hard not to grab it and run), and most importantly, a spot at the Grand Final in Paris for a chance to win a casual €20 000! Who had it in them to out-kombo and out-gore every opponent in their way to grab the grand prize?

But first, context. The event took place at Internet Solutions in Bryanston, where a ton of consoles were set up for both competitors and spectators. There was no lack of Mortal Kombat X action taking place to say the least. Those in attendance could witness wild bouts like this happening at any given moment…

Or you know, they could head inside where the real action was taking place. 8 fighters from Johannesburg, 4 from Cape Town, and 4 from Durban spent the entire morning in heated kombat to whittle out the weak.

In the end, it came down to Joburg versus CPT, City versus Mountain, Taga Kahn versus D1GamerKid… who was victorious? Skip ahead to around the 5 hour mark to find out (compliments of nAvTV who provided coverage throughout the day):

Got no bandwidth to spare? That’s alright, I’ll put you out of your misery with a quick spoiler: IT WAS JOBURG!

That’s right, Vasudev “Taga Kahn” Stringer toppled all the opposition to secure the trip to Europe as well as the other fantastic loot. In second place was Kim “D1GamerKid” Petersen, who walked away with R10 000 and a Mortal Kombat X console of his own. Third was Zolani “Dr.Zol” Matsolo who scored 5000 randelas.


Now, there was some other important fight that took place on the day, but I’m leaving that to Darryn to share. He will give you all the details, blow by blow, in his own post later today.

Thanks to Ster Kinekor Entertainment for putting the event together. It was a Saturday well spent, and I hope we get more like them moving forward!

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Last Updated: June 8, 2015

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