Mega MW2 glitch uncovered – make sure you are not a victim

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So we all know that MW2 is a little bit glitchy and sometimes that sort of thing makes a game even better than it possibly should be (Gears of War), however with MW2 the glitches all seem to be fun ruining glitches and this latest one is a career ruining one.

I am not sure how it works but according to the postings if you enter a lobby filled with 10th prestige’s then turn around and run away.

Apparently there is a glitch out there that will allow people to steal your XP, so whenever you kill them they get the 100XP and you lose it, meaning that your ranking will very quickly head in the wrong direction.

At the moment this is still a rumour but if you enter a lobby which has a group of level 10 prestige’s then I would advise leaving. Rather be safe than sorry.

Source: iCrontic

Last Updated: January 20, 2010

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