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Mega Rayquaza announced for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

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I’ve still got no idea how Mega-Evolution is going to be explained in the upcoming Pokémon remakes, because dammit people, chronological gaps in the past are pretty important to me. On the other hand, shurrup, because now this also means that I get to take Pokémon which are already OPed, and give them some extra power that is legend…dary.

Mega Rayquaza

If you played the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire you’ll remember Rayquaza. He was the big green mean machine that created a balance between the other two legendaries in the game, Groudon and Kyougre. He also packed one hell of a high Special Attack stat, which combined with his already incredible physical stats, made for rounds that were finished quicker than your bank account on payday. Here’s what his Mega-Evolution looks like in the upcoming remakes.

Along with the power boost, Rayquaza also gets a new move this year: Dragon Ascent.

The Dragon Ascent move, which Rayquaza alone can use, is a powerful one. It boasts one of the greatest power ratings of all Flying-type moves, putting it at the top of its class. Not only will you be surprised by its overwhelming power—you’ll be mesmerized by its majestic appearance! After soaring up toward the heavens in a great burst of speed, it crashes down in attack, dealing massive damage.

And to add that extra touch of primary legendary to the mix, Rayquaza’s Delta Stream also happens to be rather effective. If you’re a fan of using weather moves such as Sunny Day, Hail or Sand Stream, then you’re quite buggered as Delta Stream negates these moves.

Am I perhaps far too excited for a dragon that I have already captured in previous Pokémon games? You bet your non-shiny fleshy ass I am.

Last Updated: October 3, 2014


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    Not a pity comment, as I am very much looking forward to continue my addiction to these games 😛


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