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Mega64 Has Kojima's New Teaser Site All Figured Out

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Just recently, a webpage was put up by Konami with an image of some sort of outdoors area with a clock counting down that teases Hideo Kojima’s next project.

The site, which also changed recently by having the outdoors area experience a thunderstorm, has made the internet explode with theories of what Kojima’s next project may be. I finally checked the site out to see what it was all about and at the moment, I have seen the letter and the number “3” flash on the screen, and then either an “S” or a “5”, so it could also just be something to say that an announcement will be made at E3, which seems probable.

This video from Mega64 explains exactly what teaser site is pointing towards and cracks the code, check it out to see what they have to say.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: May 26, 2009

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