Megan Fox Plays Guitar Hero

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You can be my guitar hero, baby.

Is this news? No! it’s an excuse to post pictures of Megan Fox – star of Transformers, Hope and Faith, and my most ignoble of dreams. Many of them involving jelly. And quite possibly custard. Girls, games and dessert – what more could you need?

For those of you unaware, Transformers was a cinematic masterpiece; of particular worth are any and all scenes featuring Ms Fox in midriff baring clothing. That’s tangential though – The fact here is that Megan Fox plays Guitar Hero. On the Wii. There’s a joke there, but it’s too obvious, and I’m too much of a gentleman to stoop that lo…ah what the heck –


Source : Kotaku AU

[Ed] Yes it’s a slow day… but she is hot.

Last Updated: January 29, 2009

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