Mercenaries 2 Developer Diary: Destruction!

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This developer diary video for Mercenaries 2 has an interview with the games director, Cameron Brown in which he discusses the importance and fun of all the destructive elements and possibilities in the game.

Yesterday we posted up a trailer for Mercenaries 2 that showed off nothing but a huge amount of explosions going off in the game and you may be interested to know that Mercs 2 pretty much promises that there will be no limits to where and how you use all the massive firepower in the game.

Is all the destruction a bit much? More after the jump.

It does look amazing the way that you can level entire buildings in the game but I do think that some of it is rather questionable. Especially the one part in the developer diary where you see a character fire off an RPG at a block of flats only to have the entire building collapse as if it were a planned implosion.

Yes, I will admit that it is still damn cool but it’s just feels like its a little over the top. It almost feels like if you sneeze to hard you may take out half a city and the crazy thing is that it actually looks like you may really be able to destroy entire cities if you like.

Regardless, the game is looking pretty good and should be a lot of fun if it plays as good as it looks in the videos so far and I was really happy to hear at the end of the video that the game has co-operative play.

Last Updated: August 27, 2008

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