Mercenaries 2 – World in Flames: 'Go Anywhere, Destroy Anything'

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One of the most criminally under-appreciated gems of the last generation was Pandemic Studios Mercenaries – Playground of Destruction. Featuring a huge sandbox where you could pretty much fight the war in any way it pleased you while bringing to bear outrageous amounts of firepower, it was a lot of fun – for me, at least.

Anyway, the sequel is being released on the 31st of August, and it promises even more over-the-top wanton destruction. However, they’ve added in a co-op feature, which allows a second player to join the action at any time – quite similar to the drop in, drop out style of the LEGO games. The level of destruction you can inflict on the environment also scales up from the 1st game.

I’m eagerly keeping my eyes peeled for this one – if done right, it’s GTA IV meets Call of Duty meets Operation Flashpoint, and that sounds entertaining.

Last Updated: July 12, 2008

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