Metallica to close off BlizzCon 2014

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Attending BlizzCon is pretty much a passion project. Unless you’re interested in games such as Diablo, World Of Warcraft or Hearthstone (HEARTHSTONE!), there might not be much there that will grab your attention. But if you do happen to be a Blizzard mega-fan, then there’s a ton to do. It’s also a pricy ticket to have, but it does allow you access to one BlizzCon tradition.

Namely, a rocking closing ceremony. Past BlizzCons have seen the likes of Tenacious D and Blink 182 play the mostly-annual event out of Anaheim. This year, Metallica steps up to the plate to send fans home with some sweet licks and iconic tracks. If you’re thinking of getting a ticket right now for the event so that you dust off your Master Of Puppets T-shirt, then you’re most likely buggered.

Tickets as usual sold out pretty quick once they went live, and the only ones left are most likely being sold at a hefty price by the scum of the planet, ticket scalpers. Still, there is a digital ticket equivalent, which will set you back around $39.99. Don’t laugh, even those tickets sell like hotcakes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see if I can sneak in. Somehow. I could totally pass for a roadie I reckon. Hell, most of my clothing remains in a perpetually unwashed status as it is, is mostly black and I happen to be rather deft at carrying heavy stuff.

Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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