Metro 2033 sequel in the works for 2017

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Mero sequel in the works 2

Given today, Metro 2033 actually sounds like a viable paradise. The series of games based on the popular Russian novels take place in a world where Russians are forced to seek refuge in the country’s subway systems, afraid of the radioactive wasteland that lies above. It’s a shooter with a lot of brains, horror and tension, and it looks like we’re finally getting that third entry sooner rather than later.

According to a listing on the novel’s website, developers 4A Games are working on Metro 2035 for release in 2017 (confusing I know). The website clearly indicates that a videogame adaption of the latest novel has been in development for sometime, which isn’t surprising given 4A’s silence since the rather stellar remasters of the first two games.

Since then they’ve announced Arkita.1, a Oculus exclusive shooter that was one of two projects the studio was working on. At the time, 4A creative director Andriy “Prof” Prokhorovoctober had this to say about the other project:

“It’s not holding the other project up – with our new Malta studio we are a much bigger team, and it is better for us to have multiple projects, for our own independence and creativity. We’re not ready to talk about the other project just yet, but we think you’ll like it. So please be patient!”

A new Metro always seemed likely, especially since the final book will tell the story of Artyom well beyond Last Light. But if you’re hoping for the game to catch you up, you’ll be slightly disappointed. It seems the website claims Metro 2035 will take place after the events of the final book, and instead continue the narrative in a new medium. “It all adds up to something. Where the books end their story, the game will pick it up,” the site teased. “An era of great discoveries lies ahead…”

I’m all for that, considering just how immersive and different both previous Metro titles have been. Leaning more into RPG tropes and feeling like a proper survival game at times, it’s a shooter with real thought baked into its design. And if that’s maintained, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Last Updated: November 9, 2016

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