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Metro Exodus is making some massive changes to the series

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There’s something to be said for the level design of the original Metro 2033 game and its superb sequel Metro: Last Light. In a world where mutually assured destruction had driven a surviving populace into an environment that was danker than the worst YouTube memes, resulting in tight and claustrophobic levels.

It was brilliant stuff, that resulted in all manner of psychological horrors in the darkest regions of the Russian subway system. There’s something to be said for knowing that there’s danger ahead of you, but also knowing that you won’t see it coming. Anyway, Metro Exodus is changing up the pace when it escapes the train station.

Going mobile and exploring the Russian countryside, Metro Exodus represents a big change for the series. How big? So big that several established gameplay mechanics are being overhauled or scrapped entirely for other systems. According to a recent Game Informer report, here’s a breakdown of ten such massive changes. Comrade.

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  • Artyom and his wife Anna will find themselves exploring larger environments and fighting dangerous new factions that have also survived.
  • Metro Exodus is not an open-world game however, but rather “comprised of several huge sandbox levels that funnel in and out of the linear path of story missions”.
  • Say goodbye to those instances when you had to tearfully use your golden bullets on a bastard enemy. The ammo system has been completely revamped in favour of a scavenging system with which you can craft goodies, ala Fallout influences.
  • Combat and stealth has been expanded, with the options for lethal and non-lethal approaches greatly expanded and consequential based on your actions in the world around you.
  • “The Aurora will be constantly changing along the journey with more cars, different types of cars, and people that join you,” creative director Andriy Prokhorov said of the new train hub.
  • Outside of the Aurora, players can use vehicles to dash around the levels.
  • In terms of story, Metro Exodus is a trek across Russia that lasts a year and each sandbox zone is themed around a season.
  • Weapons you discover in the field can be dismantled for their extras, resulting in gear that doesn’t have these new attachments permenantly fixed to the. Guns do require maintenance however, lest their stats take a knock.
  • There will be sidequests, which reveal new details as players explore the lands around them and encounter new adventures that fleshes the world of Metro Exodus out further.
  • Factions in Metro Exodus are more isolated, and will respond to Artyom based on his actions towards them. One of the factions is a cult that worships a massive fish that lives in a nearby lake.

Sounds good so far! There’sno solid release date yet, but Metro Exodus is hoping to catch the blue line to a US Fall release in zone 3 on PC, Xbox One and PS4 later this year.

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Last Updated: February 9, 2018

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