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Metro: Last Light’s getting paid DLC, ‘cos retailers said so

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Metro: Last Light from 4A games and new publisher Deep Silver is getting some tough-as-nails DLC in the form of “Ranger mode,” which ups the difficulty and the immersion by removing the HUD and making enemies tougher. It’s coming as a free pre-order incentive, or as a $5 paid bit of DLC later. Why’s it not free? Because the retailers said so, that’s why.

Deep Silver parent company Koch Media’s  global brand manager Huw Beynon told PC gamer that this sort of DLC is becoming “a requirement by retail” and this was the best type of DLC they could throw in so as to not have fans feeling like they’re missing out.

“Game makers and publishers now live in a world where offering game content as a pre-order exclusive is a requirement by retail, and Ranger Mode seemed like the best choice since it was a mode for hardcore fans who would most likely pre-order the game, or purchase it at launch in any case,” said Beynon. “We rejected requests to make story content or additional missions exclusive. We also rejected requests to make this a timed exclusive.

The Ranger mode, instead, is intended only for the hardest of the core; the sort that would pre-order anyway. They’ll also be charging the lowest platform-holder mandated amount possible for the DLC when it’s available on digital marketplaces.

“We do not recommend Ranger Mode for a first playthrough, and this is made very clear both in-game. We expect Metro fans will want to try Ranger Mode for a subsequent playthrough, and we think that for this hardcore player, Ranger Mode offers a richer experience – but only once you’ve clocked the game at least once.

“We took all the steps we could to ensure that, while still offering retailers a pre-order incentive that met their needs, we did not force players to pre-order, or make them wait to get this content.”

Metro: Last Light is coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360…this week!

Last Updated: May 13, 2013

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