Metro Redux officially announced for PS4,PC and Xbox One

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Metro Redux

Sooner or later, somebody is going to push a big button that kicks off mutually assured destruction for the entire world. But I’m ready. I’ve stocked up on beans, candles and questionable reading material. But to survive, I’m going to need a training program. Something like the Metro games perhaps. But in a prettier format.

And that’s exactly what my paranoid butt is getting, as 4A Games and Deep Silver have officially announced that Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are getting a facelift for later this year. The two games are being bundled together into one package, dubbed Metro Redux.

According to the Deep Silver press release, the jump to new-gen and back to PC means a smooth 60fps experience, with Metro 2033 having been completely rebuilt in the 4A Engine. Here’s a list of what else you can expect, which I just copied and pasted below:

Enjoy completely re-mastered visuals: advanced lighting, dynamic weather, more detailed characters with improved animation, more dynamic destruction and improved smoke, fire and particle effects.

Experience radically improved gameplay: advanced enemy AI, improved combat and stealth mechanics, superior weapon handling and more responsive, intuitive controls plus signature features from Last Light such as the atmospheric ‘mask wipe’ mechanic, weapon customisation, and silent kills and take-downs.

Metro: Last Light has also received a graphical face-lift and gameplay improvements that carry across both titles, including new melee animations, and the fan requested ‘Check Watch’ and ‘Check Inventory’ features. It also includes all previously released Season Pass add-on content – a further 10 hours of single-player gameplay.

Never played Metro? They’re not exactly your average FPS game. While Metro 2033 had some issues that held it back, such as AI that was slightly thicker than parliament and bugs here and there. Still, it had a superb narrative that was gripping and intense, and this was carried over to the sequel as well.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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