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MGS 4 details oozing out

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Go get them Snake...So the game hits shelves today across the world… except in SA apprently?

I have received a tip that the stock has arrived and is being distributed but apparently it won’t be sold until tomorrow.. It’s just a rumour so rather phone your local distributor before freaking out…

In other news, MGS4 is 33GB small, while it is obviously way to large for a standard DVD it fell short of the claims that it was filling up the Blu-Ray’s capacity already, so we still have a way to go.

In some odd news it also seems like you can only create one character for MGO for free, after that you need to start paying. No news yet on how much it is going to cost but in all honesty why would you want more than one character?

Another storm in a tea-up is the fact that IGN have not yet reviewed the game, apparently they are waiting for the online version to be up and running with real people before releasing their review… seems logical enough.

We are also not the only people who may not get our hands on MGS4 on time, due to a huge transport strike in Europe it hasn’t been possible to get the copies to all the stores as planned… Kojima apologises for this..

And that’s the MGS news for this morning so far…

Last Updated: June 12, 2008

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