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MGS4 doesn't move consoles in the UK

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This is something that seems to be becoming a trend in this generation..

In the last gen we had games that were console movers, in other words these games made people buy a console.. only for the single game..

So far in this generation we have seen around 4 ‘console movers’ that failed to move consoles and it looks like MGS4 may be the next one… There were huge expectations around GT5, GTA, Halo and Guitar Hero but out of all of those only Halo really moved consoles and that was only in the States…

According to Chart-track (the guys who monitor sales in the UK) the sales of the PS3 only spiked by 7% which was far below previous expectations.

However it seems to be doing well in Japan by pushing PS3 sales up 700% to 77k units and instantly become the top selling PS3 game in the country…

In related news Nintendo released some new DS colours over the same weekend in Europe and their sales exploded… So maybe Microsoft and Sony should be looking at released new colours for their consoles…. anyone for a shiny red Xbox 360? Or is that tempting fate?

Source: Gamesindustry.biz

Last Updated: June 18, 2008

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