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I’ll willing to bet that anybody who reads this will either have experienced an Xbox issue or will know somebody who has. Be it a drive failure or red rings, most people will at one stage have had to exchange their 360’s. I am on my 5th Xbox so dealing with MI Digital has become almost second nature to me.

Now it seems MI Digital are going that extra distance to help 360 owners get back to what the 360 was intended for, gaming. They will now collect your broken console and replace it for you at the same time. All that you have to do is is follow a few easy steps:

1) Call Microsoft SA on 0800991550 and they will troubleshoot the machine with you. If they find that the machine is indeed faulty and can be replaced as per the warranty conditions, then they will give you a reference number.

2) Once you have the reference number you can contact MI Digital directly to make the necessary arrangements to collect and/or replace the unit. The contact number is (011) 997-5000 and the contact persons are Cathy or Bernice.

3) Fill in the warranty procedure claim form and have your proof of purchase on hand for when they come to fetch your console.

The warranty procedure claim form also gives a detailed explanation of what to do so it’s all in one place for easy access

There’s nothing worse than when your Xbox breaks and you have to battle to get it exchanged so I’m sure all 360 owners will welcome this new procedure will open arms.

source: Take2

Last Updated: September 9, 2008

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