Michael Pachter predicts an Xbox One price drop after Christmas

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When the Xbox One releases in certain countries later this year it will be priced a full $100 more than it’s competitor, the PlayStation 4. Veteran videogame analyst, Michael Pachter, however expects that to change very quickly.

Pachter thinks Microsoft made a mistake with their pricing by saying

“They’re going to regret the decision because I think people are now going to talk up Sony as the winner”

However it’s not all doom and gloom for us consumers, especially us in deepest darkest Africa, as Pachter goes on to say

“The good news is Microsoft will cut the price shortly after Christmas – probably will.”

Hopefully that’s true and we have a fair and vicious fight to the death between both consoles as a single dominant force isn’t good for anyone interested in video games.

As a side note, remember the PlayStation 3 fans used to shout out loud how much better the PS3 was than the Xbox 360 as it costs more which meant it was a better console. You get what you pay for sort of thing. It’s hilarious watching them now laud Sony for releasing the PlayStation 4 on the cheap… I guess you no longer get what you pay for after all?

The Xbox One is expected to be released in South Africa around January next year.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013

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