Microsoft announces latest sales figures – well nearly

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Microsoft has been boasting to the world about it’s latest sales figures for the Xbox 360 and rightly so. According to Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft Director of Product Management, the Xbox 360 has now surpassed 28 million in life time sales.

Some other notable points is the fact that they have now surpassed 8 million in Europe which was their most important region last year, there are now 17 million people on Live (he doesn’t mention if that is active though).

In a worrying sign for brick and mortar retailers, the online sales have gained 84% and it seems that those doomsday predictions may start to come true. Or more likely is that Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have found an entirely new niche market since retail sales are still going up.

The 360 is trailing horribly to the 45 million moving Wii but they are very pleased with the fact that they are still expanding their lead over the Sony PS3.

Source: Edge

Last Updated: January 6, 2009

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