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Microsoft clarifies how developers will be able to use Scorpio

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Xbox Scorpio won't hold back developers

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is now weeks away from stealing all of the limelight at E3, where we’ll likely see the actual device for the very first time. Microsoft is expected to spend a lot of time talking about their new console, detailing how developers will be able to push graphical boundaries and enhance their titles with the extra power. But will the Scorpio be hamstrung in a way similar to the PS4 Pro? According to Xbox representatives, not at all.

Responding to a fan request over the weekend, Xbox’s Mike Ybarra seemingly confirmed that no policies would be put in place to prevent developers from utilising the full power of the Xbox Scorpio. This is the opposite of Sony’s policy with their two PS4 consoles. Developers making games for the PS4 Pro are not allowed to have their games run at higher framerates that the base console version, creating some sort of parity between the two. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it’s a rule that needs to be closely followed nonetheless.

Microsoft seem less concerned about this sort of parity, as Ybarra clearly indicated:

The argument over console parity has flared up again following Bungie’s comments regarding Destiny 2. The developers have stated that the upcoming shooter will run at 30 frames per second across all consoles, citing a CPU limitation as the cause. Fans seem to think that the close relationship with PlayStation and their own parity clauses have something to do with it too, but at the very least Microsoft is making it clear that it doesn’t need to be the case on their six terraflop console.

And yet, Microsoft also don’t want to call Project Scorpio a new generation, and have insisted that the console will not be receiving exclusive titles that won’t be made available for the Xbox One. It’s a curious stance to allow developers the full power of the new hardware but tie their games to a console from 2013. How this all shakes up, in reality, isn’t that far away from being confirmed, so let’s just all sit tight for now.

Last Updated: May 22, 2017


  1. Cannot always blame the weak PS4 Pro for 30 FPS on Scorpio. I think Bungie is just being lazy as hell tbh. Why couldn’t they make base XB1 & PS4/PS4 Pro games 60 FPS with dynamic resolution instead? ($ony marketing deal?) This would’ve been a non issue then. Anyway, if D2 runs only 30FPS on Scorpio (almost 100% sure it will) that would mean that they’d have a LOT of spare power to optimise the 4K Scorpio version visually to it’s full potential (or can $ony dictate this too)? Will have to wait forE3 to see…..


  2. Milesh Bhana

    May 22, 2017 at 11:28

    60fps on Destiny 2 will give it a decent boost over the PS4 Pro. Not quite system seller, but “compelling reason” for those who want in on the new batch of consoles.


  3. miaau

    May 22, 2017 at 11:52

    I remember the old days. sigh.

    not fun.

    If Win32#

    Elseif Win16#


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