Microsoft Confirms New Console In 2010

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When Microsoft’s Shane Kim told the world that the launch of Project Natal would be “on par with a new generation console launch”, what he actually meant to say was that it basically will be the launch of a new console.

1UP reported earlier this week that Microsoft are going to launch a new console in 2010, but the whole story was quickly shot down by Microsoft. Problem is, that they were lying, well mostly.

So does this mean that the “Xbox 720” is coming in 2010? It seems that Microsoft has somewhat of a different plan.

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Today, at the Executive’s Club of Chicago, Microsofts CEO Steve Ballmer told attendees that there will be a new Xbox 360 arriving in 2010, and that it will come equipped with a “built-in camera” (Project Natal) and what he referred to as a “natural interface”.

This isn’t exactly the Xbox 720, but at the same time, we can definitely say that this isn’t just another Xbox 360 SKU with a different HDD configuration or internal chipset. This is basically going to be an Xbox 360 with built in Natal features that will target the casual market a lot more.

We all already know that Project Natal will work on any Xbox 360, so there is no reason to panic, it just seems that this new console will have everything in one and have it all in one box, and with the targets being set more on the casual market, we may actually be seeing an actual Xbox Wii60 in the near future.

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Earlier I said that Microsoft were “mostly” lying, the reason for this is that 1UP reported that it will be possible that the new console will have increased performance due to hardware upgrades. Microsoft have said nothing about this yet, so it looks like they weren’t wrong when they responded saying that they do not have any sort of upgraded Xbox on the way.

Microsoft are looking at Project Natal as a sort of “new generation” for the Xbox 360, which also means that it may very well be a long, long time until the “Xbox 720” ever sees the light of day.

I actually like the direction that Microsoft has chosen to go, even if it means that we won’t be seeing a proper next-gen console any time soon. As far as this idea goes from a business standpoint, it makes a lot of sense. With the Natal and this new Natal-enabled version they will be able to reach out to casual markets, whilst still keeping the hardcore gamers happy as usual.

If anything, Microsoft may have found the perfect balance and may have created what many hardcore gamers really wanted from the Wii, a powerful hardcore gaming machine, that your grandmother could play if she wanted to.

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Source: TGdaily via Kotaku

Last Updated: June 19, 2009

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  • easy

    maybe all the people who suffered multiple hardware failures will get a discount on the “new” xbox… seems fair.
    or at the least a console that wont die after a years use.

  • I dont think its good business at all!
    It would make more sense to bring out a whole new console and even that wouldnt be bright.
    The xbox360 currently stands at a very good price, which entices the more casual gamer away from PS3. However im sure this new “version” will launch at a significantly higher price.
    Also to me its just one more thing to make the unit spazz out and over heat.

  • easy

    i agree with you.

    ms seem to have a very short cycle on their consoles. i remember there was a big uproar when they announced the 360 and a lot of people complained that after having the console for a year or two at most having to fork out more money if they wanted to stay current.

    we will have to wait and see what the new console actually is going to be and at what price point… most importantly.

  • Fox1
  • WitWolfyZA

    Also dont forget MS wouldnt want to release a new console now… and Sony 3 years later… Just wont be competitive, and not to mention pointless. the 360 is streching they’re console life trying to live uo upto Sony 10 years span too..

    Oh yeah and probably because its recesion aswell lol

  • It isn’t a new console in the way that it’s going the be next-gen. It’s a new console in the way that it’s going to be a new Xbox 360, just possibly a bit different in terms of look. I dont listen to Microsoft when they come out to deny things anymore. They do it too often lately. So yes, they said there wouldn’t be a new console, but there will be a newer version of their current console from what I can tell.

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